What makes Littler CaseSmart different?

LCS® rethinks three essential elements for managing legal matters:

Data-driven technology

Since its launch in 2010, nearly 30,000 matters have been handled through LCS, allowing us to build a deep reservoir of intelligence. By harnessing the power of this data—and meticulously tracking yours—our technology platform empowers you to see big-picture trends, and offers the insights you need to make more informed business decisions and drive change for your organization.

A transformed team

Our client-dedicated staffing model comprised of Shareholders, Associates and Littler CaseSmart Counsel helps ensure that the right person is handling the right task at the right time—while giving you access to an experienced team that offers a consistent work product in a more efficient way.

A workflow that really works

We reviewed the entire legal process, identifying every step that could be streamlined. And we integrated technology throughout to increase collaboration, transparency and case management. The result? An improved model that creates quality work, delivers greater value and, ultimately, helps reduce legal spend.


Data Tracking and Reporting

We track hundreds of data points related to every matter and serve them up to you via a secure, web-based dashboard. What is the average lifecycle of your matters from open to close? In which jurisdictions do you experience more litigation? What are your average fees per case? What is your average settlement of a charge, and how does that compare to other organizations? With 24-7 access to these key performance indicators (KPIs) and so much more, you will have a clear picture of the trends taking place within your organization, allowing your team to make more informed business decisions.

Case Management

Your client-configured dashboard automates and tracks each matter in real-time, providing an attorney-client privileged view of the status and details of your work flowing through the platform. This centralized system also provides access to important documents, deadlines, and information. With robust reporting features, LCS makes it easy to share trends and information with other business leaders within your organization.


With nearly 30,000 matters managed on the platform, we can share how you are performing against other organizations. We aggregate and anonymize matter-level data then benchmark how you are measuring against the average. While we can generate data related to all types of engagements, we automatically push out the following charges benchmarking via our dashboards today: average lifecycle of charges from open to close, average settlement amount and rate per charge, average payout per charge, and transition rate of charges‑to‑litigation.

What types of matters does Littler CaseSmart handle?

LCS is applicable across a wide range of legal issues, including attorney demand letters, agency charges, single and multiplaintiff litigation, arbitration, class and collective actions, PAGA matters, and mass litigation/arbitration. If you’re facing challenges in one or more of these categories, LCS can help. Contact Littler today to learn more.

What people are saying about Littler CaseSmart

Through my configured LCS dashboard, I am able to track all of my charge data, including the location and alleged legal issue, allowing me to identify any patterns which are useful to our business.

We have seen significant cost savings using the Littler CaseSmart platform.

[The LCS team’s] unique work product assists my team in deciding what the next steps will be on our matters. That component was missing from other law firms that we worked with.

Clients 100% 94% 97%
  • Would likely recommend Littler CaseSmart
  • Satisfied with their overall experience with Littler CaseSmart
  • Satisfied with the value of Littler CaseSmart relative to cost

*Based on independent feedback collected by Acuigen, the firm’s third party survey provider

Case Studies


Since its introduction, Littler CaseSmart has received multiple awards for its groundbreaking approach and innovation.

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