Don’t Get Lost in the Ever-Increasing Traffic of State Laws: Littler GPS Is Your Roadmap

Get access to the latest state-by-state research from Littler, the nation’s largest labor and employment law firm. Find answers to your multistate employment law questions and see how newly passed legislation and regulations will affect your organization. The Littler GPS® online database provides user-friendly functionality, including full-text content search and intuitive navigation, all tailored to the jurisdictions you select. Updated weekly, Littler GPS can keep you informed by sending email alerts with links that allow you to quickly navigate to the new information.

A True State-by-State Comparison

From wage payment to workplace safety, records access to protected leave, Littler GPS allows you to choose from Littler’s comprehensive library of more than 55 research topics. Quickly see what workplace posters need to be displayed in Tennessee. Then compare that with Pennsylvania, Texas and Idaho side-by-side. Better yet, view all 50 states, the District of Columbia and federal requirements all at once. If you find a critical piece of information for a particular set of jurisdictions, you can easily share exactly what you’re seeing with your colleagues through a convenient "share by email" function.

Legislation and Regulations in Plain English

Littler GPS is your link to employment and labor-related legislation and regulations that have been enacted recently at the state and federal level. This interactive tool does more than just notify you that a new law mandates paid family leave in California or a change in equal employment opportunity reporting requirements in Wisconsin. The tool also provides concise, substantive analysis by experienced labor and employment attorneys of how employers will be impacted, and most important, what employers need to do to comply. The analysis is accompanied by a link, when available, to the full text of the legislation or regulation as well as action items and practical suggestions for implementing the new requirements.

Littler GPS


Littler GPS is included on LittlerEdge for eligible clients.

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