Companies are conducting more investigations now than ever before. A decrease in headcount due to pandemic-related resignations and restructuring is making timely investigations a challenge for many employers. The Littler Investigation Toolkit for Employers provides the workflow and documentation needed to assist employers in conducting lawful and efficient investigations.

The Littler Investigation Toolkit for Employers contains user-friendly process and template documents to assist employers conducting internal fact investigations in response to complaints raised by employees or former employees against coworkers or managers. The Toolkit provides a workflow to create operational efficiencies, a consistent and compliant process, and minimize risk through improved use of privilege. The process and templates are editable and can be customized to fit your needs and circumstances.

The Investigation Toolkit for Employers includes:

  • Draft investigation protocol
  • Draft investigation interview outline template
  • Draft investigation report template
  • Draft investigation results talking points template for complainant and accused
  • Draft ownership of employment issues matrix (to distinguish between employee issues that require a formal investigation or increased HR/ER review and support)

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