Our Approach to Innovation

While you experience the outputs of our ingenuity – the technology, tools, and services we deliver – at Littler, our innovation begins from within, starting with our culture. It’s what happens behind the scenes, fueled by the talent and drive of our incredible people, that acts as the starting point for it all.

Since 1942, Littler’s pioneering individuals and culture have pushed boundaries and shaped the industry. That has meant approaching innovation as a team, breaking down silos, and putting formal mechanisms in place to bring inspiring new ideas to fruition. At the heart of it all lies a spirit that’s not afraid to do things differently, nor to disrupt what has traditionally been a slow, rigid field.

We recognize that dedication to innovation requires the right infrastructure to make it a reality. That’s why we invest in developing leading IT, data analytics, and application development teams in-house, and why we so heavily embrace data and technology. And it’s why our leading knowledge management team has reimagined their practice – connecting you to our collective knowledge, insights, and services on an intelligent and efficient platform.

At Littler, we are dedicated to continuously innovating in order to create better outcomes for you. These aren’t empty claims: this dedication drives how we approach every aspect of our work, and our firm. Our people. Our investments. Our infrastructure. All working together, to deliver game-changing innovations in our field – and game-changing results for you.

Analytics and Insights

Littler is forging the future of intelligent analytics in labor and employment law. Our forward-thinking teams engineer new and enhanced approaches to legal processes, build pioneering proprietary technology, and provide you with game-changing benefits. We harness the power of data analytics to create a suite of industry-leading solutions, not only to deliver you greater cost savings and efficiency – but also to deliver powerful insights that contribute to smarter business decisions.

Over a decade ago, we transformed labor and employment law with the development of Littler CaseSmart. This pioneering solution is premised on a re-engineered legal process and gives you the ability to collect data analytics that provide big-picture trends and critical insights. From there, we’ve applied this methodology to a suite of analytics-driven solutions to enhance service and give you a richer understanding of your business. Littler onDemand allows you to quickly connect with a Littler attorney, and gives you access to your historical advice, 24/7. Our Restructuring Assessment Solution is a holistic solution designed to deliver a more proactive, strategic, and future-proof approach to workforce restructurings. And Littler’s Pay Equity Tool measures your critical compensation imbalances, identifying those that are statistically significant, and then assesses litigation risk and recommends solutions.

These legal technology solutions are designed to empower you with increasingly powerful analytics for your labor and employment matters – and the insights to fuel your business.

Consulting and Training

Through our highly developed training and consulting practices, Littler’s partnership goes further: helping you put advice into action, and keep your workforces informed, effective, and compliant. By guiding you from creation and delivery all the way through application, we’re here to ensure our solutions enable your organization to meet its full potential. Our innovation is your answer to solving workplace issues, holistically. We identify your most critical issues, and train and consult with your workforce to prevent these problems from reoccurring – setting you up for success.

Employing the training programs offered by Littler Learning Group, you can keep your professionals educated, and equip them to handle their day-to-day responsibilities. With live or recorded webinars, video series produced by our own production team, in-person workshops, or even self-paced online learning, you choose the format that works best for you.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Consulting can turn your D&I initiatives into accomplished objectives. Our team will work with you to assess your culture and policies, define new strategies, and implement action – whether that includes instituting organizational changes, developing workshops and videos, forming diversity councils and affinity networks, or more.

When you partner with Littler, you’ll not only have access to solutions you need to meet your goals, you’ll also have the support to put those into action: so that your business realizes the full benefits of our services.

Shaping Policy

Littler is shaping our industry not only through innovative solutions and services, but through influencing the legislation and regulations that govern it. We help you engage with Congress, the executive branch, and the courts so that your voice is heard at the top - driving the industry forward in the direction that benefits you as well as the employer community at large.

In 2014, we founded our Workplace Policy Institute (WPI) – a group that leverages our firm’s deep experience and vast resources to advocate for you right where your problems originate. WPI can help to overturn regulations, represent you in investigations and litigation, and support employer-focused legislative initiatives. Whether you find us building coalitions and coordinating advocacy efforts, or providing testimony before Congress, we engage beyond what’s expected because we’re always striving for more ways to be a stronger legal partner to you.

WPI also works with you internally to help your organization navigate and stay-up to date on complex policy developments. Whether you need regulations and court rulings explained to your employees, white papers produced on issues important to your stakeholders, or to stay abreast of changing federal and state laws, pending Supreme Court cases, and potential amicus briefs, WPI is your partner in achieving these goals.

At Littler, we don’t just inform you of changes in the law. We anticipate them. We influence them. And we drive them. All with our clients in mind.