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As part of the world’s largest employment and labor law firm and supported by a state-of-the-art content production team, Littler Learning Group guides clients today and shapes their focus on these critical legal issues for tomorrow. We help employers transform employment law compliance from an obligation to an opportunity, unlocking value that builds stronger workplaces now and in the future.

Our learning solutions aren’t simply about heading off potential litigation or ensuring compliance. They provide education around effective management and leadership, anti-harassment, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (IE&D), and a myriad other employment and labor issues with the goals of boosting morale, improving employee wellness, and developing stronger organizational cultures.

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Training Services

With more than 1,700 attorneys focused on employment and labor law, Littler’s Legal Learning Group has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to create customized training solutions in all areas of employment law, both in the U.S. and globally.

Working with us is easy.

Despite many complex legal issues, our team develops invaluable learning solutions showcasing our attorneys’ depth and breadth of experience. Through diagnostic planning calls, we gather information on the client’s workplace culture and dynamics, along with its concerns and risk issues. With this information, LLG works alongside other Littler attorneys to develop customized solutions for the client. LLG also offers licensing of our PowerPoint programs for in-house delivery and train-the-trainer services.

Employment Law Training

Blending legal content with high-quality learning and engagement principles, our customized training solutions are designed to take your workforce to the next level.

Our courses are founded on employment law essentials and address everything from legal compliance to leadership advancement, from diversity and inclusion services to global investigations practices, including:

A wide array of learning formats that put people's humanity first.

Whether using live actors to portray witnesses in investigations trainings, short videos serving as a launchpad for interactive discussions, engaging small-group virtual sessions, in-person trainings from our team of attorney-educators, individualized executive coaching workshops, or professionally produced videos scripted by employment law professionals, we develop employment and labor law solutions with human connection and practical experience top-of-mind.

Littler is excited to offer eLearning programs, recommended for manager-level employees.

If you prefer to facilitate your training with in-house talent, LLG will help your trainers shine by providing engaging materials blending high-tech solutions, such as first-class presentations and videos, with solid legal knowledge and supporting background information. Our attorneys provide a variety of train-the-trainer or co-presenter options to meet your needs and ensure your training hits the mark.

Video Production and Digital Media

Our video producers and digital media specialists collaborate with LLG and Littler attorneys to develop engaging and original educational content in various mediums. With the aim to capture the essence of human interaction and real emotions, our videos tell stories, improving the participant's experience by providing real-life scenarios to enhance the learning experience.


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