The Littler Home Care Toolkit is an affordable, online resource for home care employers, and provides informative guidance and materials to help home care companies understand and comply with the patchwork of federal, state and local employment laws. The Home Care Toolkit provides key materials such as policies, forms, and guidance covering the entire employment lifecycle, from onboarding to end of employment, for employers operating in any state. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Multi-jurisdiction employment application
  • Multi-jurisdiction offer letter
  • Hiring checklist
  • Sample arbitration materials
  • Template caregiver agreements
  • Sample client services agreement
  • Overtime and minimum wage policies
  • Leave of absence policies
  • EEO and harassment policies
  • Sample disciplinary forms and performance reviews
  • Vacation/PTO request forms
  • Template termination letters and forms
  • Guidance memos on a variety of employment law issues
  • Recorded webinars on hot employment law topics
  • State-specific forms and notices
  • Over 90 50-state charts on employment law topics, covering important issues such as background check requirements, wage and hour obligations, business expense requirements, leave of absence obligations, meal and rest period requirements, and training obligations.

Littler updates the Home Care Toolkit to reflect changes in federal and state laws to help ensure that home care companies have the current information they need for their businesses to stay competitive and compliant in this evolving employment law landscape.

The toolkit is part of Littler’s ongoing commitment to provide practical, innovative solutions to employers of all sizes and all sectors of the home care industry.

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